Clothing Repairs & Alterations

Looking for a repairs and alterations service? Look no further. Our expert team are here to help look after your clothes and fix them promptly so they will be ready to wear again in no time! We will assess your item and provide a service tailored to suit your individual needs. We offer repairs and replacements on zips, buttons, and length and hem adjustments to more detailed repairs, and resizing of garments such as tailored jackets.

Clothing Repairs

We all know what an inconvenience it can be when a zip breaks on a pair of your favourite trousers or when a hem drops on your wardrobe staple. To save you time and money buying a replacement, bring your clothing repairs to us. Our specialists offer a wide range of repair services at affordable prices such as:

Trouser Hemming

Sometimes it can be a struggle to get trousers that are the right length, but we are here to help. Our expert team will tailor your trousers to the perfect length and go above and beyond to ensure you are happy with the results.

Call The Clothes Clinic

To keep your clothes fitting and looking great, then give us a call today. Our team will offer you an expert service, no matter how big or small the job.

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