Wedding Dress Cleaners

At The Clothes Clinic, we understand that every single wedding gown is special and requires delicate care with attention to detail. Your dress will be professionally cleaned by our reliable team of experts. This will ensure it is sparkling white and as clean as the day it was worn. With the correct cleaning and care, your bridal gown will last forever. For wedding dress cleaners in Swansea, call our trusted team today.

Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning Services

We recognise that bridal dresses come in all different styles and colours. Therefore, it is important for us to carefully inspect each dress to determine the appropriate method of cleaning. Our experienced team are trained to work with delicate materials such as lace, silk, satin, and tulle. Furthermore, our specialist products are designed to remove stains of all kinds and will ensure delicate details like embellishments and buttons are kept intact.

Occasion wear

Buying new occasion wear can be expensive and not very eco-friendly, so why not give an old dress or suit a second chance to shine? Our services extend to clothes for all occasions such as weddings, proms, balls, anniversaries, and parties. From ball gowns to tuxedos, we will work our magic to make sure your items look as good as new.

Contact The Clothes Clinic

For more information on wedding dress and occasion wear cleaning, please call today. Our friendly and reliable team are happy to help with any query you may have.

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